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ICRA Training, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Presenter: Tom Bender
Room: 402
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Session Description: This UBC ICRA class provides an up-to-date industry-approved curriculum that not only discusses infection prevention issues but also addresses issues that construction personnel typically overlook due to the nature of their individual professions. The goal of this course is to demonstrate the importance of education for infection prevention, healthcare workers, and construction professionals to ensure the best outcomes for patient safety.

Successful completion of this class has been granted 6 CEUs from CBIC for any participant that is an APIC member. Topics include:

  • Chain of Infection
  • Construction and Facilities’ Role in Infection Control
  • Procedures and Best Practices
  • ICRA Levels and their Determination
  • Cost of Infections
  • Communication
  • ICRA Responsibilities
  • Consequences

Armstrong – Construction Efficiencies with FrameAll™ – 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Presenters: James Rosborough and Nate Canfijn
Room 317
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This workshop covers the wide range of applications where FrameAll™ Drywall Grid (including SimpleSoffit™ ) and pre-engineered Axiom® solutions can provide total installed cost and schedule savings.


Compliance Training: Best Practices for Purchasing, Administering, and Closing Out Publicly Funded Construction Projects in NJ, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presenter: Ron Meischker
Room: 403
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Session Description: This class provides municipal officials with tips, strategies, and best practices for administering publicly funded construction projects.
Successful completion of this class provides CEU credits (2 contact hours) as follows:

  • CMFO/CCFO – Financial & Debt Management
  • CPWM – Government
  • RMC – Finance
  • QPA – Procurement Procedures
  • RPPS, RPPO, CPPB/CPPO – Procurement Procedures



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Module & Sisters in the Brotherhood Initiatives, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Presenters: Cyndie Williams, Layla Bibi
Room: 316
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Session Description: This class will provide you with knowledge about the diversity, equity, and inclusion module that was created to enhance and reinforce inclusive work environments for workers. In it, you will learn how to create a more cohesive and productive job site. Plus, learn about the Sisters Initiative, which mentors women in the carpentry field.


Career Connections/TESU Credits, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Presenters: Joe Youcha, Jeff Harmon
Room: 315
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Session Description: This class provides awareness of the Career Connections program, which is a complete curriculum created by instructors from the Carpenters International Training Program to introduce high school students to the crafts and trade of carpentry. Learn how completing this program allows students to earn their associate degree faster at Thomas Edison State University.


Carpenters Apprentice Readiness Program (CARP), 2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Presenters: Bob Landy, Rich Pagani, Bob Eaton, Ron Walsh, Phila Diaz
Room: 314
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Session Description: This class provides insight into how Carpenters are training the future construction labor force and developing apprentices from different backgrounds to create a more diverse workforce. This will include a panel discussion.